Karaş Agricultural Machinery Production Industry Co. Ltd. was founded in order to produce agricultural engines in 1984. The company considerably developed with the Professional staff and improving technical chance. The Quality Policy of Our Company "By determining customer’s wishes and expectations, providing them the highest satisfaction with our products and service." "Quality Reliability" placed on the field of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing for years by our company which has accepted "quality is not controlled, it is manufactured" as a principle and the thought of the preservation of quality respect and its survival are the mission of all our staff. And the preservation of the environment is our other mission, with the belief of quality understanding by following the developing technology. Karaş Agricultural Machinery Production Industry Co. Ltd. proudly meets its customers’ needs for agricultural machinery with its pioneer of quality products. And it has proved its success and sensitivity on this field by getting the license of Agricultural Engineering Experiment Reports Production Proficiency of the faculty of Agriculture. Karaş has CNC machines with the highest technology and its machines manufactured by qualified staff are in Europe and international agriculture standards. Thanks to the technicians specialized in their fields; our company has managed to keep up with the international competition by participating in the international market.

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